Ibridamente project

Ibridamente, in a hybrid manner.

The subject is in adverbs, to cite Umberto Eco: the Italian adverb ibridamente plays on the suffix mente, which indicates a thinking mind.

The Ibridamente project tackles the contemporary archival: the aim is to tell the craft through experiences, works, methods. Ibridamente finds its origin within a university Master’s degree – University of Macerata, FGCAD Training management and preservation of public and private digital archives – and is conducted by the research and study group DAP-Digital Archives Perspectives.

The project illustrates through case studies how much the archivist must be hybrid and resilient today. Hybrid because the healthy contamination with computer science, jurisprudence, archival diplomatics and digital records is an indispensable condition to consciously face the profession of archivist and records manager. Resilient because the understanding and adaptation to a digital world – or a world that is increasingly moving towards digital tools – is key to modernity and protection of memory.

Ibridamente illustrates cases intertwined by a leitmotif, the archive project: from archives in development and systems for the management of digital records, up to the valorisation of historical archives through digital tools and finding aids. Ibridamente illustrates how the comparison between knowledges is the key to realize conscious, conscientious and farsighted projects, both for archives in development and historical archives. IT tools for the production of finding aids alongside the design of records management systems and digital preservation.

For this reason Ibridamente has two formats:

  • short video-documentaries where the protagonists tell methods, operations, results
  • traveling exhibition, with case studies examined during poster sessions and seminars.


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Project and informations

DAP – Digital Archives Perspectives

Born within the experience of the Master FGCAD Training management and conservation of public and private archives of the University of Macerata, DAP Digital Archives Perspectives is a group of studies and research. The objectives of the group are the identification of strategies, analyzes, tools, training proposals on archives and records management systems in the contemporary digital context.

DAP membersprof. Stefano Pigliapoco (coordinator), Alessandro Alfier, Paola Ciandrini, Andrea Grilli, Eleonora Luzi, Gilda Nicolai.

Prof. Stefano Pigliapoco

Director of the Master FGCAD Training management and conservation of public and private archives, scientific director and coordinator of the DAP group, Stefano Pigliapoco is a professor of Archives, Bibliography and Librarianship at the Department of Humanistic Studies / Languages, Mediation, History, Literature, Philosophy of the University of Macerata. His main fields of studies and research are Computer archiving, Records management, Digital archives, Digital preservation, Process reengineering and Process digitalisation.


Paola Ciandrini

Contract teacher of the Master FGCAD Training management and conservation of public and private archives, member of the DAP group, she is the curator of the Ibridamente project. Archivist for training and profession, Paola Ciandrini is responsible for preservation at the Politecnico di Milano, ICT Services Area.