DAP Digital Archives Perspectives – Project and group

Coordinator: prof. Stefano Pigliapoco

Born within the experience of the Master FGCAD Training management and conservation of public and private archives of the University of Macerata, DAP Digital Archives Perspectives is a group of studies and research.

The objectives of the group are the identification of strategies, analyzes, tools, training proposals on archives and records management systems in the contemporary digital context.

Alessandro Alfier

Archivist and records manager, currently vicarious of preservation for one of the departments of the italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. Contract teacher for FGCAD Master and DASDI, advanced course in digital health records and archives. Research lines: digital records management, digital preservation, metadata nature and functions in the digital archives life cycle.

Paola Ciandrini

Archivist of training and profession, she works at the Politecnico of Milano, ICT Services Area, as responsible for preservation. Master FGCAD contract teacher for the course “International standards for the design and implementation of records management systems”, she is the curator of Ibridamente project.  Research lines: records management system design, historical archives valorisation.

Andrea Attilio Grilli

Web Marketing and GDPR consultant, he is FGCAD master contract teacher for the course “Management of databases: from design to creation of databases up to preservation”. He collaborated with the University of L’Aquila on Knowledge Management and Usability. He deals with communication, digital culture, information technology and privacy.

Eleonora Luzi

Graduated in “Historical research and memory resources” and Master FGCAD graduated – VII edition, she collaborates on projects of cataloging and archives descriptions. She is fellow in archival sciences and research fellow at the University of Macerata: her research is mainly addressed to training, management and preservation of the “Student File” in the digital context.

Gilda Nicolai

Archival professor in the Cultural Heritage degree course at the University of Tuscia and FGCAD Master professor for the teaching “Elements of general archival. Archival selection and conservation plan: theoretical aspects and applications in the digital context”. Her research is mainly addressed to selection and preservation in the digital context of public authorities and corporated bodies.